3 Year / 100 000km Manufacturer Warranty

Our warranty is an insurance policy,  that guarantees all parts and accessories supplied by Peugeot, and fitted at the time of the purchase of a new vehicle, to be free of defects in material or workmanship under normal use for a period of 3 years  or 100 000km (whichever transpires first)  and includes free Roadside assistance.

The contractual warranty period, of a new vehicle, starts from the first date of registration.

The warranty covers the cost of repair or replacement of Peugeot original and approved parts which are found to be defective.

It also covers consequential damage to the vehicle resulting from a principal defect.

It is up to the discretion of Peugeot SA, in consultation with the relevant Peugeot Dealership, to decide, after a technical validation, whether it is appropriate to repair or replace any faulty part.

Where the customer believes they have a potential claim, they must return to an authorised Peugeot Dealer or call the Customer Care Centre. The authorised dealer will carry out a technical validation to confirm the claim. If the part is replaced, the warranty on this part will be for the remaining contractual period from the original invoice date.
The Parts and labour warranty does not apply to:
A repair done outside of the contractual period of the parts warranty.
Wearing parts, the replace of which is not the consequence of a failure and/or its environment but the result of normal wear and tear.
Damage as a result of driver abuse or negligence.
Tyres which are guaranteed directly by their respective manufacturers.
Damage caused by natural phenomena.
Please refer to the owner booklet for comprehensive information.
3 year / 100 000km (whichever transpires first)
Peugeot guarantees your vehicle against perforation (corrosion from the inside towards the outside of the vehicle) from the date of delivery shown on the warranty certificate for the duration of 12 years in the case of a passenger vehicle and 5 years in the case of a commercial vehicle.

Roadside Assistance

On Road Assistance

As the proud owner of a PEUGEOT, you are driving a state-of-the-art vehicle. If properly maintained, chances are extremely remote that your vehicle will ever require any unforeseen mechanical repairs. However, for added peace of mind, PEUGEOT brings you PEUGEOT ASSISTANCE, a comprehensive roadside assistance programme for you and your PEUGEOT vehicle. This programme is valid for the duration of the Warranty of the vehicle, which is 3 years or 100 000 km which ever occurs first. As a member of PEUGEOT ASSISTANCE, not only will help be at hand immediately in the unlikely event that your car experiences a breakdown, but you will also receive a comprehensive range of benefits such as free medical advice, arrangement of emergency transportation and a 24 hour information service.

PEUGEOT ASSISTANCE is aimed at a stress-free motoring experience. Being a member is like always having one’s own personal assistant – for as little as the cost of a local phone call. Your PEUGEOT ASSISTANCE operator is dedicated to getting you and your passengers (max 5) to your destination as quickly, safely and problem-free as possible.

PEUGEOT ASSISTANCE will immediately come to your aid, wherever you are within South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana and Namibia. A standard call out fee of R420 excl. VAT will apply, up to a distance of 40 km (round trip), in the following instances:
  • Jump start;
  • Flat tyre change;
  • Fuel replacement (the cost of the fuel will be added to the call-out fee);
  • Keys locked in car (the cost of a locksmith, should one be necessary,
will be added to the call-out fee).(model specific – should a towing fee be chargeable, it will be for the clients account) These fees are payable in cash. Should you not have cash, the technician will transport you to the nearest ATM to withdraw the cash.
In the unlikely event of your PEUGEOT vehicle breaking down, PEUGEOT ASSISTANCE will send a technician to facilitate the repair. Should the technician not be able to make the repair on site and your vehicle is immobile, a tow truck will be arranged, so as to tow the vehicle to the nearest PEUGEOT Dealership.
In the event of an accident, PEUGEOT ASSISTANCE will arrange for a tow truck to transport your car to the closest approved Panelshop. This will be at your cost.
If necessary, PEUGEOT ASSISTANCE will arrange free safe storage for your vehicle for up to 48 hours.
Should you have to leave your vehicle for repairs at a PEUGEOT Dealership located more than 100 km from your home, PEUGEOT ASSISTANCE will arrange to have your vehicle returned to you. Some charges may apply and you will be advised before hand.
In the event of a breakdown more than 100 km from your home during the warranty period, PEUGEOT ASSISTANCE will arrange for either one nights accommodation for you and your passengers or an alternate vehicle (car hire) to enable you to reach your destination, as well as the relaying of urgent messages and providing telephone directions.
Should you be stranded more than 100 km from your home due to your vehicle undergoing unscheduled repairs during the warranty period, PEUGEOT ASSISTANCE will make the necessary car hire bookings for you so that you can continue on your journey either to your home or to your destination anywhere in South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana and Namibia. In order to qualify for a car hire you must be in possession of a valid credit card
A single call will trigger the PEUGEOT ASSISTANCE agent to conference a call between you and an emergency advice service to ensure you receive the support you need. For the cost of a local call, phone 0860 77 24 24 for more information about PEUGEOT ASSISTANCE. The cost generated by the telephone or cellular service provider will be for your cost or that of your Medical Aid. We recommend that you obtain the necessary insurance and medical aid for any additional costs that are not covered by this PEUGEOT ASSISTANCE warranty.
Outside of normal working hours, Peugeot Assistance will supply you with information pertaining to Peugeot product, including information relating to fuel and oil recommendations, service intervals, tyre maintenance, warning systems and applications and accessory enquiries.
Should you require any information regarding dealer locations and telephone numbers or should you be looking for any recommendations for intervention, or seeking advice on your relationship with your dealership, PEUGEOT ASSISTANCE will provide you with support during normal office hours, the above information, as well as information on PEUGEOT Servicing can be obtained from the PEUGEOT Customer Care Centre. Apart from providing you with PEUGEOT ASSISTANCE details and information, PEUGEOT Customer Care will answer any general queries on Maintenance Plans, Warranty Conditions, New Service offers and coming Promotions.